LEAP is a free business start-up programme which provides workshops, with the opportunity to participate in 1-2-1 business mentoring and a chance to win a cash prize of £2,500.

Applications for LEAP 2020 are now open. Please see below our application. 

It should only take 5 minutes to complete. If you experience any problems completing this form please call 01323 641144 for assistance.

Every application will be treated equally.

LEAP is funded by Lewes District Council and delivered by Edeal.


The closing date for receipt of applications is the 3rd February 2020.

LEAP Entrepreneur Award Application Form 2020

'De Minimis' State Aid:

To be eligible to receive certain types of publicly funded business support, we need to establish whether you can receive De Minimis Aid under EU State Aid Regulations. Potentially any assistance you may have received from a public body might be De Minimis Aid. This could be from Central, Regional, Development Governments or Agencies or Local Council. If you are not sure whether any assistance you have received is De Minimis Aid, please clarify with the body which granted the assistance. A general Enterprise can receive up to €200,000 circa £176,000. NB. A Farm that has diversified is treated as a general Enterprise. The support proposed in this current document has been valued at €5156 circa £4,000. Please confirm that your business has not been granted De Minimis Aid within the past 2 fiscal years. If this statement is not correct, please contact us on 01323 641 144 to provide further details. By signing the declaration you acknowledge that failure on your part to meet the eligibility criteria will render you liable to repay the value of the aid shown.


The information I have given on this application is accurate. I understand that failure to provide accurate information may result in me being removed from the programme and having to repay any expense occurred. (1) I understand that participating in the LEAP Programme will assist me in the planning and preparation of my new business, but participation does not guarantee that my new business will succeed. (2) I fully understand that any adviser(s) or mentor(s) that I meet and engage with through LEAP are giving me their personal thoughts on how they would analyse, evaluate and make decisions. Any such information or suggestions then acted upon by myself either personally or on behalf of my company is at all times at my own risk and any disadvantage gained as a result is not attributable in any way to the advisor or LEAP Programme. (3) By signing this declaration I understand that this form and others completed on the programme may be passed on to Lewes District Council, Government Departments, EDEAL, ACES and other funding and programme partners. (4) I understand that photos will be used during the LEAP Programme to publicise the work of the LEAP partners. I consent to such images being used. (5) By signing this declaration I agree to the sharing of data amongst partners. Your data will not be sold to any third parties, and will be used purely for administering the programme and keeping you, and our funding partners, up to date on your progress. (6) I agree that any decision made not to grant me a place on the programme is final, and I accept the judges decision when a winner is selected.
This acts as your digital signature and confirms that you agree with the declaration above.
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