LEAP Success Stories

Jennie Hallet

Following redundancy after 17 years as a Health and Safety supervisor, Beacon Hands Safety was established by Jennie Hallet in 2016 having successfully completed the LEAP programme.

Health and Safety is a minefield and employing a “Full-time Health and Safety Advisor” can be prohibitively expensive. By outsourcing the health and safety role you can keep associated employment costs down, comply with the law, demonstrate your commitment to your employees and reduce the likelihood of claims for injuries at work. In addition, at times it is valuable to have a little extra support and a pair fresh eyes even where there are existing health and safety personnel in place.

“Thank you again for everything that has been organised during the programme I cannot tell you how much I have appreciated the guidance, the learning and the bonds that have been forged. I feel that I have grown and my knowledge developed and that is a wonderful thing for someone who felt, in February when made redundant, that this would be the end of my useful working life and career”

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