LEAP Law Seminar – a review

by | 31st March 2018 | Uncategorised

We have noticed repeatedly on the LEAP Programme that the Finance and Law 3-hour seminars are the toughest for our candidates. There is a lot of information shared and some serious decisions to be made. During the Law seminar our clients digest information on the different legal company structures and then have the difficult decision of whether to set up as a sole trader, a limited company or a Social Enterprise. We talk about having contracts in place and what they should include and with every business being in a different sector it opens up a whole debate on what should be covered. Intellectual Property Rights is touched on together with sourcing products and knowing where they come from.

After our latest Law seminar one of our candidates wrote on their evaluation form,

“It was great, thank you, not as scary (or boring) as I thought it would be”.

This is a great compliment to the lawyer who runs these seminars, Carol Hill of C Hill Consultants, who introduces herself as ‘not your conventional lawyer’! 

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