Pink Puffs – Buy it Now!

by | 2nd May 2018 | Uncategorised

LEAP 2017 candidate Sarah Alam’s has been celebrating after receiving an order in excess of £25,000 for her “Pink Puffs” after featuring on Channel 4 tv show – Buy it Now hosted by Brian Conley.

Sarah had just one minute to pitch to an audience full of buyers – and did so sitting on a wobbly platform to demonstrate that you can use the pink puff to paint your nails whilst on the move.

Her invention came about when her husband was driving her to a party and she struggled to paint her nails in the car! Pink Puff can be easily transported and makes a stable base to hold the nail polish and avoid spillages.

Now, as a result of Buy it Now – Pink Puffs can be brought online at JML and Firebox.


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